Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg) is a large and rapidly developing city in Russia. It is located in the middle of the Eurasian continent, near the Europe – Asia geographic border, in the heart of the Ural region. It is one of the leading industrial, cultural and political centers of Russia. In 2018, Ekaterinburg was one of the cities hosting 2018 FIFA World Cup. The city features a temperate continental climate. The time zone of Ekaterinburg is UTC+5 (two hours ahead of Moscow and five hours ahead of Greenwich).

International Airport Koltsovo in Ekaterinburg is connected by direct flights with many cities of Europe and Asia, many connecting flights are available from Moscow. The city is at 1667 kilometers' distance away from Moscow (2 hrs flight).

There are many hotels for accommodation in Ekaterinburg, most of them are available for booking via global booking systems. Hotel Oktyabrskaya is located very close to the Symposium venue.


The sessions of the EASTMAG-2019 from 9 till 13 September will be arranged in the main building of the N.M. Miheev Institute of Metal Physics located in Ekaterinburg at the S.Kovalevskaya street, 18.
The registration and opening ceremony on Sunday, September 8, 2019, will be organized in the Cultural Center "Ural" (Ekaterinburg, Studencheskaya str, 3. About 15 minutes’ walk from the Institute of Metal Physics). The schedule for the first day of the EASTMAG-2019 is given in the Program below.
The map and travel route from the Institute of Metal Physics to the Cultural Center "Ural" will be available at the EASTMAG-2019 Internet site.


Localization of the Symposium on the city map:


Please, find the information, how to reach the EASTMAG-2019 Symposium venue (Institute of metal physics) by the public transport here.


Информация, как добраться до места проведения Симпозиума EASTMAG-2019 (ИФМ УрО рАН), размещена здесь.


The places for lunch or dinner nearby the IMP is posted here.